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Website content for a kid’s clothing brand and an air freshener brand. They both wanted me to capture the essence and originality of their brands. For the kid’s brand, the underlying story had to be inspiring and relatable.


For the air freshener brand, the owners wanted to communicate the sweetness of the scents using words. I worked on both the product descriptions and the overall webpage content.



Every fruit has a hidden scent, that refreshing burst of freshness we can’t always explain. what if you could trap that refreshing burst of flavor, that special wisp that every fruit gives when you cut into it? At Jelly Jets we’ve made it our mission to trap that freshness and turn it into something that lasts almost forever. If water had a scent, it would be described as satisfyingly fresh, and vanilla’s fragrance can be described as comforting; all of our fresheners have their particular element. 

Each Jet shaped jelly is made with love and meticulousness.  If you love the flavor, then you will love the scent! From blueberry, bubblegum, to vanilla, and strawberry, let’s not forget green apples and cherry. We are continuously looking for ways to capture the scent and bring it into your homes, offices, caravans, boats and RVs. 

Our exciting flavors gradually fill the room and take over your space in an enticing way; with many different flavors to choose from; your space can transform and transcend on a daily. All of our 9 scents jet-shaped fragrances will leave your rides and homes smelling unbelievably delightful. 




The iconic Hang-It Bubble Gum Jet-shaped air freshener has a pleasing and uplifting fragrance, one that fills your nostrils with sweetness and freshness. Your home will never remain the same with one Jelly jet hang it bubble gum air freshener. The hanger allows it to be flexible, hang it on your car vent, windows and everywhere visible; it’s attractive enough! Hang it in your cars, boats, home windows and everywhere you need a sweet fragrance to fill. The Iconic jet-shaped Hang It Bubble Gum fragrance lasts up to 45 days without compromising on the quality of fresh fragrance it exudes. 


Our Hang-it Cherry air freshener is specially formulated to spread the sweet scent that the precious cherry is known for. The iconic jet-shaped air freshener exudes a strong burst of cherry’s natural scent and fills up your space in the most natural way.  Hang it on every visible corner of your home, cars, and boats, it’s as aesthetically pleasing as its filling comforting scent. The fragrance is long-lasting; up to 45 days and is constantly fresh. Giving everything, it’s supposed to give. 


The beauty of blueberry is not in its sparkling, sharp color and its burst of flavor when cooked; its encapsulating scent is one of the reasons why no one can get enough of it. We have captured the essence of blueberry and its uniqueness and molded it into the iconic Jet Shaped Hang It Blueberry Air freshener. The versatility of the hanger allows the freshener to be suitable for use anywhere and everywhere! Hang it at the corners of your space, your doors and your cars. The long-lasting fragrance is ever fresh for up to 45 days and ever-present. 



Our Hang-It Green Apple air freshener has the most pronounced solid scenting of naturally fresh apple flavor. The freshener perfectly incorporates the delightful scent of fresh green apples, bringing comfort and peak satisfaction to anyone who inhales it. The combo of our Iconic jet shaped hanging design, and the fantastic overpowering scent makes the freshener an easy favorite. Enjoy the long-lasting fragrance and hang it anywhere to change the atmosphere of your car, homes and boats. 


The familiarity of vanilla has made it one of the most commonly used flavors in the world. This Hang-It vanilla air freshener perfectly exudes the prominent scent that vanilla is known for. The beautiful scent fills up your room unannounced and gives off slight doses of sweetness. You cannot ever go wrong with the distinctive vanilla fragrance. The fascinating scent produced by our iconic Jelly Jets Hang-It Vanilla air freshener lasts as long as 45 days once it’s in use. The cute hanger makes it easy for you to hang the freshener anywhere, at any angle. Regardless of where you hang your vanilla freshener, its beautiful scent will take over the atmosphere. 


Strawberries, that red fruit that everyone loves, that fruit that easily everyone favorites because of its juiciness and the sweetness of its flavor. Now you can take it everywhere! Our Hang-It strawberry air freshener was formulated to ooze out that super fresh strawberry fragrance and maintain freshness always!  The Hanger feature makes it a look like a beautiful accessory wherever you hang it. With a 45 days lifespan, its freshness remains until its last breath. Hang it in all your favorite places for the best effect. 


This sweet fragrance of our bubble gum jet-shaped freshener fills up your room, cars, and boats. The scent is subtle and delightful, triggering calmness and peace when you ride. This Clip-It Version is excellently efficient, lasts long enough to give you 45 days of fresh drives. Clip it to your car vent and turn on your air conditioning for maximum effect. Your drive just got better! It may not be able to eliminate traffic, but it can eliminate bad car odors that tend to hitch a ride. Enjoy the long-lasting freshness once you clip it! Your drives will never remain the same. 


Change the course of your drive with this Clip-It sparkle bubble gum air freshener. The bubble gum has a distinct fragrance that’s undeniable anywhere; clip it to your car vents and experience the calmness and comfort the scent brings. Get rid of the musk and bland air from your car’s AC, and give life to the air you breathe with the Clip-It sparkle bubble gum air freshener. The sparkling Jet adds a pleasing look to your car while constantly releasing freshness. 


The scintillating scent of cherries has been captured in this Jelly Jet Clip-It cherry air freshener. Experience the beauty of a sweet and tranquil fragrance, and introduce a spark to the air around you. The jet-shaped Clip-IT cherry air freshener transforms your car and makes it more inviting, adding meaning and bliss to every ride. The freshness of cherries and the beauty of our iconic jet-shaped fresheners is all you need to change the course of your drives.


The scintillating Clip-It Sparkle Cherry air freshener is everyone’s favorite. From the mild fragrance to the sparkle, there’s everything to love about this pleasant Iconic Jet shaped freshener. Introduce a much-needed spark into your car trips and add some color to your vents. Our Clip-It sparkle cherry Air freshener introduces a whole new world of fragrance, circulating perfectly within your car and long-lasting enough to go 45 days without losing its freshness. Clip- It on your car and enjoy the ride! 


Blueberry fragrance is unique and distinct, quite an uncommon scent that changes the atmosphere of a space. Our Clip-It blueberry air freshener is an absolute delight, a complete switch for your car to help cancel unpleasant odor and introduce something fresh and calming. Clip it to your car vents and turn on the AC to begin your journey into a fragrance wonderland on every drive. It doesn’t overwhelm your car or deliver below expectation; it diffuses perfectly! 


Introduce a spark! Enjoy the coolness of blueberry and its calming scent. Our Clip-It sparkle blueberry air freshener releases a burst of sweetness once you Clip-It! The natural fragrance of blueberries creates a beautiful harmony that changes your car trips. Turn on the AC for maximum effect and enjoy the pleasing sight of a sparkling jet positioned right in front of you. This iconic jet-shaped air freshener is not ordinary in any way. Once open, you’ll enjoy the sparkle and the fragrance for a whole 45days without losing out on any bit of freshness.

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