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Not your regular hot sauce, Macarious is the embodiment of what a true hot sauce should be—drawing its wealth of flavors and history from the heart of the Caribbean, the home of a wide range of flavors and an unforgettable blend of rich ingredients. Macarious sauce is the perfect finish to every meal, the final piece in every food puzzle, the sauce that unites flavors and enhances every food- the one sauce you can put on everything! 

Transform the experience and essence of any food with Macarious hot sauce, a sauce that illuminates your taste buds and transports you into a whole new world. Macarious hot sauce takes you on a journey to a time when people felt the true essence of magic and had a higher level of taste consciousness. Each taste of the sauce gives life to every cell on your taste buds; awakens them to a depth and richness of flavor that every other sauce lacks. 

It’s the perfect food chameleon that enhances and uplifts every condiment it touches, beyond boundaries and country shores, no cuisine is left out. Macarious sauce was created and designed in the Caribbean and it means blessing. Traveling from thousands of miles away to bring you a fresh new experience, it blends the history of its origin and the energetic melting pot of the grid of New York- bringing the blessing across shores. 

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Brand Story

Macarious is a product of years of experience, love, and hard work. 

Macarious was born in the heart of the Caribbean, during the peak of a new era- a time when humans were in sync and united by the knowledge of their power. With a deep sense of self and the ethereal beauty of her mind, at the age of 30 Macarious packed up her bags and left her home- Trinidad for the vibrant city of New York. 

With nothing to her name but hopes, dreams, and a remarkable recipe, she raised a massive family and instilled in generations her values for free-thinking, common sense, and adventure! She never hesitated to try something new and with that adventurous spirit, she came up with tons of unforgettable recipes. 

Macarious sauce is just a little piece of who she was as a person, an indelible sauce with boundless flavors. The origin of its concept and the idea of its taste came from another moment in time. Drawing from this rich Caribbean heritage, the depth of diversity of American culture, and the subtle twist of Asian and Italian flavors, Macarious hot sauce was created. The sauce’s green color is a testament to its Creole origins, and its flavorings and ghost pepper combine to tell you different tales. The sauce is an actual work of art; a ‘one taste fits all’ simply put.

Macarious sauce was created with the intent of blending in with every and any food regardless of its origin. The sauce’s one purpose is to seep its way through the depth of a dish and release a burst of flavor unique to the dish alone. The taste and flavor blend with whatever you put it on, to enhance, ignite and illuminate so you can relish every meal. 

We know how boring and tiring it is to eat food with no depth, flavor, or unforgettable taste, so we created something that helps your food tell its unique story. When you taste the signature sauce, what you’ll feel is a divine blessing from above that captures a taste only your mind could imagine, a taste that evolves into sweeter flavors as you keep eating. 



Our number one mission is to transport your taste buds to that special place where bland food can no longer survive. We are infiltrating the world of hot sauces one drop at a time and leaving an unforgettable mark because every drop of the Macarious hot sauce will leave your tastebuds asking for more. We are introducing a higher level of taste consciousness and a new way to experience all your favorite foods.  



Our vision is to grow into a brand that becomes a household name, to be in refrigerators, tables, handbags, and restaurants from all over the globe. We are working tirelessly to take the burst of unique Macarious flavor to every corner of the world because everyone deserves to taste heaven in a bottle! 



Here are the FAQs I came up with. I’ll look forward to your rough answer 🙂

1. What type of Chili is used to create the Macarious Sauce

Macarious sauce is made from ghost peppers and a combination of aromatic herbs from Asia, Italy, and the Americas.

2. Do you ship Internationally?

At the moment, shipping is limited to the US only. But we have plans to ship internationally soon! Please stay tuned for further updates as we expand our supply chain ops!

3. How spicy is the sauce on a scale of 1-10?

Macarious hot sauce is meant to enhance the current flavor of your food and give your tastebuds a little kick. Only you can decide the spice scale! We believe spice levels can be subjective. Some can smell peppers with their eyes and others can devour half a bottle during a meal, so it’s up to you. Let us know what level of spice you think the sauce is!

  1. Do I need to refrigerate my Macarius sauce after opening?

Nope, it can be stored safely outside your refrigerator, for literally years.

5. Where is Macarious Hot Sauce produced/made? 

This flavorful hot sauce is proudly made in the USA

  1. Can I buy it in bulk to resell? 

Yes, you can become a Macarious Hot Sauce dealer. Please visit our contact page and send us a message!



Dealer and customer enquiries

Got any questions or complaints? Feel free to reach out to us by phone call or Email at;

Phone number: 






Are you tired of experiencing the same flavorless food? Do you hate it when food tastes too bland? Are you tired of saying, “it’s missing something, but I’m not sure what it is?” 

We understand the frustration of taking one bite of food that lacks flavor, taste, and that unique element to make you want more. Let’s change that, shall we? 


Say hello to Macarious Hot Sauce, a sweet and spicy sauce with a rich Caribbean origin complemented by the energetic melting pot of New York city’s grid! 

Coming straight from the recipe books of a Caribbean grandma, Macarious sauce is the true embodiment of what a hot sauce should be with its distinct taste drawing from Italian, American, and Asian cuisine. 

It is the perfect addition to any food for enhancing taste and introducing an unforgettable flavor. That’s not all… Macarious hot sauce is portable enough for you to take it on the go! So, you can use it to liberate the savory flavorings of any food at anywhere and anytime.

This sauce is the perfect food chameleon, not restricted by the boundaries of cuisine; it can blend in with literally anything you put it on and still taste sooo good! Are you ready to take a trip to flavor heaven? 

Before you say yes, there’s one thing we should tell you; 

You might not be able to stop adding Macarious Hot Sauce to your meals once you start! 

What are you waiting for?  Get your bottle of Macarious Hot Sauce today and enjoy the recurring experience! 

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Return Policy

We value your overall experience with Macarious Hot Sauce and we want you to enjoy it to the max! If you aren’t satisfied with what you have received, please feel free to return. 


Our return policy lasts for 30 days from the day of purchase. If 30 days pass after the day of your purchase, we will not be able to offer you an exchange or refund. 

Your item must be unused and in the same condition as when you received it for it to be eligible for a return. The item must also be in its original packaging. 


Damaged Goods

If you receive a damaged product, reach out to us by replying your order confirmation email with photos of the damaged product and the item(s) will be eligible for a replacement. 

You’ll have to provide us with proof of your purchase or a receipt before we complete your return.


Refunds (If Applicable)

Once we receive and inspect your item, we will send you a confirmation email that the returned item has been received. We will also send you a notification to confirm if your refund has been approved or declined. 

If your refund is approved, it will be processed automatically and within 7 days, it will apply to your credit card or your original payment method. 


Late or Missing Refunds (If Applicable)

If you don’t see a refund after approval, please reload your bank account and contact your credit card company. It may take some time before the refund officially reflects on the card. 

Then contact your bank, there’s often a processing time before the refund is posted to your account.

If you have done all this and still don’t get a refund, please contact us at; 


Sales Items (If Applicable)

Unfortunately, we do not refund sales items, only regular priced items can be refunded.


Exchanges (If Applicable) 

We can only replace an item if it is damaged or defective. If there’s a need to exchange an item for the same one, please email us at;

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