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Providing healing arms of support and guidance to mature women navigating life’s transitions, with a focus on Self-Forgiveness.


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“If it ain’t dead, don’t bury it,” an old witticism that can sometimes be applied to our lives. Even though your dreams may have faltered, or they may have been sidetracked, now is the perfect time to re-examine them in the context of where you are currently!

There’s an innate power locked up in every individual waiting to be harnessed; it’s time to look within you and activate that power in your life, for your worth and your purpose. You start with one step, move to the next, and gradually you breathe and realize that buried beneath all those years of taking a backseat is you, whole and alive. It’s time to blossom, bloom, and grow, and I can help you to do just that!

Using scientifically tested resources such as self-compassion exercises along with Strengths-based tools driven by Positive Psychology to empower you, we resurrect your dreams to embrace your second or third act confidently. 

Many times, accepting that ‘you deserve it’ starts with forgiving yourself because, beneath your buried dreams, there may be shame, fear, and guilt. But if you are ready to put in the work, you can rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and soar.


Coaching with Petalgay will support you to:

Gain Clarity for your Vision

Identify and Acknowledge your challenges

Be Inspired to Regroup, Recharge and Renew

If you are ready to make the transition from Chaos to Clarity, please complete this intake questionnaire and get a free 30-minute introductory consultation.

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The PetalSpeaks Pledge

Our Promise:

To always listen to you, hear and see you authentically just as you are, even as we share in your vision of where you want to be.


Our Mission:

To educate our community on how to practice Self-Forgiveness. To amplify the voices of mature women; who are in their second and third act of life. Women who are ready to discover and embrace their authentic self. To teach them how to acknowledge their innate resilience and celebrate themselves in a safe and trustworthy space where they can thrive and evolve.


Our Vision:

To create a place for women of a certain age to feel validated and encouraged to embrace and freely express their authentic selves, with much respect and love, for each other and the people whose lives we touch.


Petalgay “Petal” Pennycooke uses her podcast, blog, and coaching practice as vehicles to facilitate the empowerment of women navigating their second and third act of life.


A woman as distinctive as her name, she harnesses the power of her non-linear life story to encourage women who struggle to find meaning and purpose at a time in their lives when they should be thriving and fulfilled.


A proud mother of seven, grandmother of eleven, and recent great-grandmother, Petal has mastered the art of harnessing change and resistance to fuel forward movement. She is a seasoned entrepreneur who was a founding LinkedIn Local Tampa co-host, Executive Right Hand Podcast host, and the former Founder and President of Executive Right Hand, Inc.


For more than 25 years, Petal has enjoyed consistent success within Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries, including luxury retail, hospitality, and financial services. Her psychology lens and rich background inform Petal’s gift of listening to and proactively discerning your needs. It is these gifts, along with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit, that created space for PetalSpeaks.


Petal holds a BA in Psychology from the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, and an MA in Organizational Leadership & Learning from the George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development in Washington, DC; both earned after she turned 50.

As a speaker and facilitator, Petal delivers an engaging and witty communication style that is sure to captivate, delight, and inform audiences.


Thank you for connecting with PetalSpeaks. If you desire, please leave a comment or an inquiry, and we will respond to it shortly.

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