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Tonic Wears About Us

Music has been a source of comfort for humans since the beginning of time! From being a source of comfort to bringing joy in situations that seemed hopeless. TONIC is the first note in a piece of music, the note that introduces a series of other notes stringed together to form a masterpiece. Music plays a major role in the design process of TONIC wears, so every one of our masterpieces represents quality, joy, and the comfort that comes with hearing the songs that you love.

Our Journey…

Tonic is my last name and although the name has different meanings, I chose to stick with the music side of the name. There are days when we come back home from a long day and music is the only solace that we have, on days like that I love to enjoy music while wearing fleece. 

The comfort and coziness of fleece plus the relaxing and stress-relieving effect of music make everything almost perfect, beautiful even. This inspired me to create an apparel line that’s beyond basic, an apparel line for lovers of quality fleece sweat fits and music. A clothing line for people who appreciate good clothing and music. 

Our Brand

We aim to bring you clothing that resonates with you like the sounds you love to listen to. Our slogan MUSIC -N- SWEATS was drawn from my last name TONIC which means the first note in a piece of music and SWEATS which represents the material our fits are made of and most of our outfit designs.

We bring you all your basic apparel needs from hoodies to shorts to jeans and tees- every basic thing you need to stand out as you embrace your love for quality and music. We do not compromise on the quality of our fits and the uniqueness of our designs. 


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